Education Team

Back Pack 68 Program- Works to serve the 3,000 homeless young people in Boston Public Schools.

Safety Transportation- Volunteers to transport children who navigate violence plagued neighborhoods. We are seeking van donations.

Be a Presence- Be at schools when children are arriving and departing to ensure safety.

Parental Support Team

Supports parents who raise children in and deal with communities plagued with violence.

Street/Resource Team

Volunteers sign up for shifts to walk through communities, offering resources and being a presence.

Social Media Team

Monitors social media to identify young people or families that may need assistance.

Referral Team

Identifies families or young people in need of assistance within the community.

Legal/Law Enforcement Team

Advocates for young people and their families who may be criminally involved. Supports them when they attend court dates.

Re-Entry Team

Assists individuals as they are released from incarceration and ensures that they will have the necessary supports and resources to thrive.

Career/Employment Team

Locates CORI friendly employers and assists individuals with Life Skills and Resume Building.

Healing Team

Connects young people and families to opportunities for healing (sessions, circles etc.)